Our Story


When I got pregnant with my second son, I immediately knew I wanted to pursue a VBAC. My first son was born via cesarean due to breech positioning and risk of cord prolapse when my membranes ruptured prematurely.

Even though I was fearful that my second baby would go breech just like my first, I boldly decided to plan an at home VBAC. VBACs are a special kind of birth.

If you’re reading this and pursuing a VBAC I commend you! You may feel like it’s you against the world in this. That’s how I felt. But you are NOT alone! More and more mothers are realizing that the hospital birthing industry is a system set up for efficiency, not necessarily for the best outcome for mother and baby. As of 2020 the cesarean rate in the US is 32%. That’s crazy high! Out of my 10 nieces and nephews, my second born was the FIRST to be born vaginally! Lets face it, cesareans are more efficient for the doctors and nurses. There’s a reason the numbers of c sections peaks around 5pm every day.

Well I’m here to say… You are not a number! You are not just a statistic. Your birth matters. Informed consent matters. You are worthy of having a beautiful, empowered birth.

As I prepared for my birth, I searched and searched for the perfect set of VBAC specific affirmation cards. I could not find any anywhere!

Sadly this meant that I didn’t buy any and I didn’t write out any of my own. Thankfully, my doula brought some affirmation cards to my birth (not VBAC specific- just general birth) I am so glad she did because I realized how important they really are! In the midst of my labor, I relied heavily on the encouraging words that my doulas, midwife and husband recited with me.

They were printed on large cards and placed around the room. Sometimes I looked up during contractions and read them aloud.

But other times I stayed present in the wave and just let them speak the encouragement over me.

“My body is not broken”

“Every wave brings me closer to meeting my baby”

“I can do anything for 60 seconds”

These reminders, plus many more, helped me through 13 hours of contractions at home and 12 more hours after we transferred to the hospital. These positive affirmations played a crucial role in helping me achieve my VBAC.

After the storm of having a newborn calmed down, I knew in my heart that this is something my fellow VBAC mamas need. A set of VBAC specific affirmations to take with you to your birth space- whether it be at home, in a birth center, or at a hospital.

My hope and prayer for you is that you find them just as helpful as I did and as a result, you get your VBAC! You CAN do this!

We also made a set of general Birth Affirmation Cards to help mamas with their special journey of birth.

With every order I personally pray for you. For perfect wisdom for you and your birth team, for you to feel safe, informed and empowered, and for you to get the VBAC you dream of. Remember, you are more than capable

<3 With love, Dee Marfoglia